Bridge Squeezes Complete
or Winning Endplay Strategy
original text by Clyde E. Love
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Simple Squeeze
Double Squeeze
Elimination Play
Two-Suit Strip Squeeze
Triple and Repeating Squeezes
Advanced Three-Suit Squeezes
Compound Squeeze
Trump Squeeze

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In this interactive version you can play all 129 exercises and 59 problems before proceeding with the analysis and answers.

Starting with the most basic facts, Mr. Love leads the reader into the realm of expert play by easy stages, analyzing simple squeeze, Vienna coup, Bath coup, double squeeze, elimination play, trump squeeze and similar plays. Bridge players at all levels can profit from his clear, precise exposition. The average player will find a wealth of information on planning and executing end plays, while even the expert can use it for polishing his technique.

"Clyde Love has perhaps produced the finest book on bridge ... intriguing, fascinating, instructive, comprehensive, and, above all, thoroughly entertaining. Do not put it aside with the thought that it is not for you. It is for every bridge player of every gradation of skill," - William B. Woodson, John W. Norwood, Jr